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Jukeboxes and More for the Long Island, NY, Area

From parties in your home to parties at a bar, the right music can really enliven the scene. Of course, not everyone has the same taste in music, which is why letting the guests choose the music themselves is often a good idea. Sure, you could hire a DJ or take song requests ahead of time, but why not add a little retro flair to your party scene by investing in a jukebox?

Jukeboxes can provide your Long Island, NY, bar, restaurant, bowling alley, or even home with hours of music all ages will enjoy, but why stop there? Here at Miro Management, we also offer arcade games, including arcade bowling, as well as toy cranes and pool and foosball tables. All of our equipment is in prime condition, and you can either buy it or rent it from us.

Whether you need extra entertainment options for a one-time special event or as a way to permanently enliven your business’s vibe, we can help.

Old-Fashioned Fun

Some things never get old, even after newer technology has passed them up. Jukeboxes and arcade games may be considered retro, but people of all ages still get excited at a chance to use them. And while pool tables have been around since the early 1900s, millions of people all over the world still spend countless hours perfecting their pool-playing skills.

Add to the fun and excitement of your business by renting or buying your entertainment machinery from us.

For three generations, our family has been providing business owners in the Long Island, NY, area with quality entertainment equipment. We have seen first-hand how the right machinery can really add to the success of your business.

Call us today at 516-501-9101 for more information. You can also stop by our showroom in Plainview, NY, or shoot us an email at cyndi@mirovending.com

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